Massachusetts Social Democrats Kicks Off Web Site, Seeks Members

Following a successful tabling at the Democratic convention in June, Massachusetts Social Democrats unveiled its new web site and Facebook page last Saturday. Eldon Clingan, Chair of the Bay State group, said that its purpose is to disseminate social democratic ideas to the progressive movement and to provide space for their discussion. “We welcome social democrats from several activist groups in our state,” he said. “We don’t seek to supplant such groups but to supplement their efforts with education and advocacy.” He said that MSD is planning future distribution of social democratic printed materials, in addition to its web site, and that the group is hoping to sponsor a conference on the future of progressive politics after the fall general election. He pointed out that MSD has made arrangements with Dissent Magazine to provide each member with a digital subscription, normally a $19.95 value, as a member benefit. “Since member dues are only $20 a year, we think that’s a good deal,”. Clingan said.

MSD’s Secretary/Webmaster is Michael Passarini, a student at the University of Massachusetts- Boston. The web site can be found at

3 thoughts on “Massachusetts Social Democrats Kicks Off Web Site, Seeks Members

  1. Compliments, want to enquire about ways which SDUSA collaborates with other social democratic parties worldwide to bring mutual benefits to it, just like republicans are doing. Also what is the possibility of paying to my local social democratic party in my country to register as an international member of SDUSA.

    • SDUSA has relations with several social democratic parties outside of the U.S. These relationships vary in depth. With the Hungarian Social Democrats and the Cameroonian Social Democrats we actually exchanged letters of cooperation. With others, like the Bulgarian Social Democrats, we have friendships with the leaders but no formal relationship.

      I think you can make an international membership through PayPal.

  2. David, you should join your local social democratic party. We want to hear about it, and whether or not they would like to have relations with SDUSA.

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