On the Occupy Wall Street movement

Resolution passed by the Social Democrats USA on November 4, 2011

While the Occupy Wall Street movement started with little media attention and
public notice, it has now grown to such an extent that most Americans are aware
of it and moreover a majority of Americans approve of it. Currently the Occupy
Wall Street movement with active branches in over 200 American cities easily
dwarfs the conservative Tea Party movement in popularity.

The Occupy Wall Street movement with its attendant Occupy Buffalo, Occupy Los
Angelos, Occupy Columbus movements, etc., clearly is being supported by the
majority of the public because its slogan of “We are the 99%” representing the
people not enjoying the full benefits of the system as opposed to the 1% of Wall
Streeters, CEO’s who are enjoying the lion’s share of the system’s benefits
resonates with the beliefs of the majority of Americans at this time. The Wall
Street protests have given voice and a living face to this discontent.

Furthermore, the Occupy Wall Street movement is important because it is the
most significant rising of the Left in the decades since the Vietnam War. This
is not to dismiss major and significant progress made by certain advocacies of
the Left over the past forty years. The hard won gains by those advocating of
women’s and gay rights are some of the most prominent examples. And currently in
states such as Ohio, workers and unions are struggling to roll back anti-labor
legislation intended to cripple their future. However the emergence of Occupy
Wall Street movement seems to be something new. It seems to be the one
nationwide movement which offers the promise that the very politics and economic
life of this nation could be ultimately changed.

For this reason the Social Democrats USA fully embraces the broad
anti-corporate vision of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the positive
actions of the movement itself. The SDUSA endorses to work of its comrades who
already have immersed themselves in the struggle. The work of the Chair of the
Young Social Democrats, Michael Mottern is an example.

Of course, as in all of the causes which it supports, SD support will not be
uncritical. The SD knows that for the Occupy Wall Street movement to reach its
potential it must develop organizational forms that can reach out and can engage
people more directly in political struggles to support laws and legislation
which concretely can make an anti-corporate vision a political and economic
reality. Obviously it must proceed to turn its vision of freedom and community
into real political programs. In other words it must ultimately
institutionalize. If it doesn’t then all of its energy and potential will
ultimately dissipate.

Everything in its time and place. The Occupy Wall Street movement will learn
from its experiences and the Social Democrats USA will assist in whatever way it

One thought on “On the Occupy Wall Street movement

  1. I believe that American protesters are demanding for their constitutional as well as human rights. This is fundamental right of humans that they receive equal rights in their countries and abroad as well. There should be no in-equality among the humans especially on the basis of power, money etc.

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