Voting and Democracy

If we don’t vote, our power is no greater than disconnected light bulbs.

By Kansas City, Kansas SDUSA

What’s the best tool we have in a democracy? The power to vote. When we use that tool to show our government that we’re listening, it allows us to shake the system. The only time our representatives listen to our complaints and concerns is during election cycles. The people we elect shouldn’t play this game of smoke and mirrors but be transparent with us all year.

Our government knows that they’re bought out by these special interests because they too profit from it. They call these special interests “lobbyists” and receive loads of donations. They repeatedly acknowledge it (see source #1). The government represents not us — but, instead, big monopolies. We, the worker, drive the profits of our government and big monopolies, through our work and taxes. Yet, the working class remains in a system of slavery with low wages and high taxes. The system only cares about itself; while giving the burden of capitalism to the workers alone. We are working our backs out for a system that doesn’t care about us. 

Why doesn’t the working class hold all the power when we contribute the most to the system with our money (wages/taxes)? Why do we carry the burden alone? Because our government doesn’t help, nor do corporations. Our strength is in our numbers: this is why when we vote: they listen. We don’t live in a theocracy, oligarchy, or monarchy. We live in a democracy. If we want change, then we need to vote. The American public needs to show up to vote and use the greatest weapon against corruption and greed. The working class can free themselves with this power to trade our shackles for freedom.

Source #1:
Audio recording of Kanas representatives acknowledging lobbyist

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