“The day I found the White House comment line, to demand action!” 

By Michael Mottern

This week I phoned the White House comment line. It was a volunteer staffer that took the calls, and I was brief. Most people are not; but I will assume that those are the ‘unhinged’ people and the conspiracy theorists in the Republican Party. It was a Tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m. after I had my coffee and a long conversation with Mark Talley (the son of Geraldine Talley, a victim of the Tops massacre in Buffalo, New York last year) about how Peyton Gendron is being treated in federal custody. 

The Justice Department and President Biden for understandable reasons decided to seek the death penalty, and some of the victims’ families like Mark Talley have mixed reactions about how he’ll be treated while in federal custody.

He will be awaiting death row in a capital case, and for a hate crime. There is growing fear the DOJ will be letting Gendron off a little easily, considering the circumstances of that fatal massacre. So Mark Talley and I believe that Singsing Prison, the state penitentiary in New York State, would be a more appropriate correctional facility for his crime; after all he lived and committed the crime in New York state.

It just took two minutes on the phone for me to explain who I was as an organizational leader, and a member of Bernie’s faction within the Democratic Party, SDUSA. I wanted to explain it was an understandable but flawed decision on behalf of the president, considering how life in prison without the possibility of parole is probably worse than  lethal injection.

Gendron is probably going to go down like Timothy McVeigh did before he got executed. “Life without the possibility of parole,” and NOT seek the death penalty, is the better way. Either way, may he rot in hell… 

Michael Mottern is the first vice-chair of SDUSA.

One thought on ““The day I found the White House comment line, to demand action!” 

  1. Another case against the death penalty: life in prison affords a young mass murderer and terrorist seemingly endless time to repent at leisure and hopefully seek to make amends. May the souls of his victims and all who love them be sustained with peace, comfort and joy.

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