Opinion: What Is Social Democracy?

By Kansas City, Kansas SDUSA

There are already a lot of policies in America that would be considered “social democratic” ones. Are you reliant on Social Security, did you go to a public school, or do you have Medicare? Those are all policies supported in a social democracy.

What is social democracy, then? A security net through which our people simply cannot fall. It helps those who are less fortunate and allows them basic human rights. Human rights like housing, healthcare, food, clean water, and education. The basics that everyone deserves so they can better themselves — or, as the U.S. Declaration of Independence proclaims, fully avail themselves of their right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

What’s the issue, then? The issue arises when the working class carries this burden alone. The problem persists when the rich don’t pay their fair share. The situation amplifies when we have an oligarchical government.

The cost-benefit ratio of the rich paying their taxes is uncomplicated, with everybody winning. The government gets more money, while the working class has less of a burden and the rich remain rich. It’s the rich who benefit the most from social democracy, with roads to transport their goods for sale, police to uphold their property rights, and more capable skilled workers. 

Regarding police upholding property rights: a well-funded social democratic government will certainly support a well-trained and empathetic police force. Beyond that, such a government will support a legitimate path to abundance for all. The masses will no longer pose a threat to the prosperous, being prosperous themselves — with full access to nutritious food, safe, comfortable and affordable housing, universal healthcare including mental healthcare, free quality public education including college and trade school, and gainful employment in union jobs. A rising tide raises all boats!

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