Opinion: The Left in our backyard

By Allen Coleman

In the last several months the Left in America has been so focused on the ‘Israel-Hamas War’ that we’ve forgotten about the true fight, which is right in our backyard. The tensions in the Middle East have always been high throughout history. It seems like every couple of years there’s a conflict there and what does it do? Absolutely nothing but divide us and sway our attention. We need to stand for values that we can agree on. Values that better the world and help our neighbors. That way, we can fix the problems right here in our backyard.,

When has the Left last successfully passed any policies? We may have had minor successes on issues like abortion, LGBTQ, and green policies but they’ve been overturned, while the country becomes alarmingly conservative. Some say “America can chew gum and walk simultaneously”, but it can’t. We the people need to come together; especially in a time of war and redirect our focus to domestic economic issues.

The working class remains in shackles by big corporations while we are quick to call out foreign governments, but not our own. People continue to die in our backyard due to lack of food/water and homelessness. We need to stand together against big corporations and our oligarchy government, now more than ever.

We are working for slave wages; while inflation increases, and the rich get richer. We’re getting smothered by more and more debt that we carry alone. The working class contributes to the government with our taxes and to the corporations through our work. When are they going to contribute to us? Our shackles remain on and we see the key, yet we bicker on how to grab it.

Allen Coleman is a member of Kansas City, Kansas SDUSA.

3 thoughts on “Opinion: The Left in our backyard

  1. One key is to speak up about where our tax dollars are going. For those of us who don’t want to fund an apartheid military regime, this matters. And much as you say that Palestine and Israel shouldn’t be important to the left, I suspect that if the US pulled funding from Israel, it would become important to you.

    • I understand your concerns for where our taxes dollars are going and particularly how they are being used in The Middle East; however, aid isn’t being given to Israel as tax dollars .That idea is misconstrued ,however we do give loans to Israel (see source #1) . That they have to pay back within a certain amount of time; plus, everything that they give us like modern technology, medicine, and freedom. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East when compared to its neighbors. It may not be the best system ,but neither is America. America is supposed to be a shining beacon of democracy, yet look at it. It’s a system of corruption that only benefits the rich and itself. If America hasn’t figured out democracy in the last 247 years then why should we expect Israel to do it in 76 years? Our own government continues to give the working class the burden while the rich get more and more tax cuts while foreign policy leads in the minds of the progressive left, so does domestic policies.

      Source #1: https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/u-s-loan-guarantees-to-israel

      I will once again say, when was the last time the left actually did any good? In recent times, student loans could have been forgiven around the board, but the right pushed back against it and only made it available to a select few. I recently saw an article the other day about how in Kansas they were restricting abortion rights (see source #2), despite Kansas voting to overwhelmingly keep them. In years past, there would have been protests and upheaval, but where is it at?

      Source #2: https://kansasreflector.com/2023/05/18/church-and-state-kansas-republicans-ignore-voters-and-pass-new-anti-abortion-laws/

      Here’s another example in MO that shows our country is increasingly leaning toward the right regarding LGBTQ rights. (see source #3). This is another issue that the left advocates and pushes for but where has the backlash been? Why have these extremely conservative bills been able to go under the radar? Simply put, it’s gone under the radar because the left focus is diverted it’s attention to foreign policy when our backyard needs to be cleaned up.

      Source #3: https://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article284342854.html

      If you search “Republicans ban…” or any variation loads of examples of the country becoming increasingly conservative will appear.

      • Palestinians are among those “in our backyard.” I will not ignore their pain, and however you want to define the aid, our country is helping Israel inflict that pain and Americans have a responsibility to speak out against this.

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