By Susan Stevens

Many Americans know next to nothing about President Joe Biden’s 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary challengers Marianne Williamson, Dean Phillips and Cenk Uygur. The Party’s undemocratic treatment of these candidates, in the form of blocking their public reach and, in some states, their ballot access, reveals its disdain for the rights of voters. Voters have a right to full knowledge of their options, and many do not even know, for example, of Marianne Williamson’s drive to implement up-to-date versions of FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights and Founding Father Benjamin Rush’s plan for a US Department of Peace.

As social democrats, we live and labor to make evident the following truth: “The cure for the ills of Democracy is more Democracy”, as stated by social worker Jane Addams (1860-1935) This is a truth that, sadly, our Democratic Party is currently the complete antithesis of. May we, as I believe Bayard Rustin would say, never lose heart in speaking truth to power!

Susan Stevens is the Chair of Kansas City, Kansas SDUSA.

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