SD USA Statement on the Egyptian Political Crisis

Approved by the Social Democrats USA National Committee on February 4, 2011
The National Committee of the Social Democrats USA with great interest has been observing the current struggle of the Egyptian people against the dictatorial government of Hosni Mubarak. While is it true that the Mubarak government has cooperated with the United States in its opposition to terrorism and in maintaining peace in the Middle East, it has done so to a significant degree by suppressing the liberties and democratic rights of  the Egyptian people for three decades. To maintain its control the Mubarak government has courted US support by playing on US fears that the end of the dictatorial Mubarak regime will bring in a period of instability to Egypt followed by an Islamic fundamentalist regime hostile to the state of Israel. The Mubarak regime has systematically made this a more likely outcome by rigorously suppressing not only the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood but also the more secular liberal democratic forces of Egyptian society.
The current uprising of the Egyptian people is the sign that the continuing repressive and anti democratic status quo in Egypt can no longer be permitted to continue. We strongly encourage the Obama Administration to recognize this reality and work to support a political transition in Egypt from the repressive Mubarak regime to one more in the line with the democratic demands of the Egyptian people. While such a transition is perilous, in the long run the development of a more democratic and liberal regime in Egypt could bring greater stability to Egypt and also to other nations in the region. This will be for the good of the people of Egypt but also for Israel and our traditional allies in the Mideast.
As we anticipate a new government in Egypt in the very near future, we ask that this new government fully support the development of free and democratic trade unions. Further we encourage this government to honor the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

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