Resolution in Support of 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary Debates 

Social Democrats, USA urges the Democratic National Committee to fight fascism by exemplifying the antithesis of fascism — democracy — in our 2024 Democratic Presidential Primaries.  We the American people have a right to listen to our Democratic Presidential Primary candidates as they respond to our questions about the issues and policies affecting us. 

Toward this end, we would like to see the DNC structure these debates in a less adversarial way — a way that encourages thoughtful and respectful discourse and allows each candidate ample time to respond — so that we can compare and contrast each person in order to make a fully-informed decision.

Certainly, each individual has a right to judge any or all candidates as unserious or unqualified to serve as President — but not to deprive other voters of that same right. Fascism is too overwhelmingly present today for Democrats to get on the fascist bandwagon by limiting voter choice. We exhort the DNC to reconsider its stance of having no plans to sponsor Presidential Primary debates in 2024, and to instead make plans for a robustly democratic Democratic Primary season.

–Passed unanimously by the National Executive Committee on July 11.

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