By Susan Stevens

Because of SDUSA member and endorsee Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman’s unwavering focus on the needs in her district during her first two-year term as Legislator, Monroe County’s Democratic Committee had designated Carolyn’s opponent to be the 2023 nominee — but on Tuesday, June 27, the Democratic Primary voters of District 25 decided otherwise! Not only does Carolyn carry a wealth of labor endorsements: even more importantly, her constituents know and trust her. They know she’s in there for nobody else but them. 

In a Democrat and Chronicle article titled “Monroe County Legislature primaries could significantly reshape its future,” Carolyn solidly stated her ardently-lived priorities: “I am passionate about organized labor and tenant unions and believe it’s time for a global labor movement to usher in the peace and abundance of which humanity is more than capable.”

We social democrats know that the main thing hindering Americans’ full realization of this peace and abundance — besides our willingness to be duped by the powerful into seeing those who are most like us as foes — is the cynicism that persuades many of us that there’s no point in voting — or, if we are determined to vote, that it’s only the establishment-backed candidates who can build coalitions and get things done.

Not so far from Rochester, over in Buffalo, SDUSA endorsees Eve Shippens and 2021 Mayoral candidate India Walton both lost their Democratic Primary races for seats on Buffalo’s Common Council. Their visions are aligned with Carolyn’s in prioritizing justice for the poor, and especially those in populations at greatest risk of poverty.  As we learned during the deadly Buffalo Blizzard of 2022, these most disenfranchised constituents have been largely disregarded by current leadership. https://socialistcurrents.org/?p=4084

Comrade and SDUSA Vice Chair Michael Mottern has been reaching out unflaggingly with our social democratic message in the Buffalo area and beyond. He campaigned hard for Eve this time, and for India during her run for Mayor, and he was actually the one who introduced us to Carolyn in 2021! He’s not quitting, and we we’re not quitting, despite the low voter turnout and high spending by real estate interests that contributed to the defeat of the progressive slate.  We’re thrilled to have Rochester and Carolyn’s work there to hold up as a concrete example to the poor in Buffalo (and people everywhere) of what can happen when we believe in democracy enough to vote, support and campaign for leaders of the people who are, indeed, of the people and ready to represent!

Susan Stevens is the Chair of Kansas City, Kansas SDUSA.

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