SDUSA endorsee Democratic Congressional candidate Tamie Wilson

By Jason Sibert and Patty Friend

Social Democrats USA, an organization with a much richer history than the size of our membership rolls would suggest, stands strong for the values of the democratic republic and in opposition to the march of authoritarianism in our country and around the world. In this struggle, it is very important that our organization endorse candidates that stand for the values of liberal democracy. However, standing for the ideas of liberal democracy is just one step in the right direction; our organization stands behind candidates that support the movement of democracy into our economy – or social democracy. This should be no surprise considering our name and history.

Tamie Wilson is a Democratic candidate for office in the Fourth Congressional District in Ohio (including but not limited to Columbus and its environs). She worked for more than twenty years in the sales profession in one capacity or another, developing the necessary skills of argumentation, consensus building, and persuasion.  She has worked as a public relations director for different real estate companies, and is currently self- employed as a consultant in marketing and public relations.

 As a biracial woman who was abused in her younger years she has a special sense of empathy for marginalized people which led to work as a community activist.  She describes herself as a pragmatic problem solver and a progressive Democrat.  She is enthusiastic and charismatic. She is a self-described “strategic thinker” who is dedicated to working on the problems that plague her community, and she is well known for doing just that.

Wilson stands for women’s rights, as she endorses equal work for equal pay and takes a hard line against domestic violence. She also stands for increased funding for education (to invest in children). Wilson is of mixed-race ancestry; she wants the civil rights revolution to continue to make gains. In addition, she wants to expand affordable healthcare, supports family farmers, is an advocate of veterans, and wants our government to fight the opioid crisis. Wilson also wants to place our government on the side of the disabled, the elderly, and affordable college education. The candidate supports the right to bear arms but also supports safety measures on firearms, and she supports the fight against global warming, and advocates fair taxation. Her support for voting rights sets her apart from many of our political opponents that want to restrict the franchise.

She will be running against one of the far right’s leaders in the U.S   Congress, Jim Jordan, a leader in the January 6 insurrection.  Apparently, Republicans outnumber Democrats two-to-one in this district, and the Jordan machine is formidable.  But it’s about time that the Democrats forced him to have to fight for his seat, and it’s also high time that he must answer for his covering up the sexual abuse committed by a team doctor toward students of the Ohio State University wrestling team.

Ohio is poised to take off economically with the new manufacturing and research and development plants that the Intel Corporation is committed to building and growing.  Democrats have a real chance to take House seats as well as Rob Portman’s Senate seat. Let’s hope that the stars align for Tamie Wilson.  Any financial support you give is appreciated!

Website: Tamie Wilson for US Congress | Tamie Wilson | Ohio

Jason Sibert is the Executive Director of the Peace Economy Project in St. Louis.

Patty Friend is the National Chair of Social Democrats USA.


  1. Ohio, and the whole US, is immeasurably blessed, Tamie, to have you pouring yourself heart and soul into bringing our government and economy into alignment with real human needs and real human happiness. I’ve just signed up at your website to volunteer. I see the primary’s coming up soon — on May 3 — and I’d love to call voters for you from here in Kansas💖

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