Did Green spoiler toss Arizona senate race to Republicans?

According to provisional Arizona U.S. senate election results from the Associated Press, Republican Martha McSally got 49.3% of the vote, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema got 48.4% and Green candidate Angela Green got 2.2%–more than twice the difference between the two major candidates. Socialist Currents warned about a possible Green Party spoiler effect in ten races, including this one, three days before the election. Green announced she was withdrawing from the race on Nov. 1, when a vast number of votes had already been cast. According to the Washington Post, it was too late to remove her name from the ballot. CBS News’ Fin Gomez reports that “Arizona’s tight Senate race likely will not be called until later this week, since there are over 1 million outstanding early voting ballots that still must be counted.”

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3 thoughts on “Did Green spoiler toss Arizona senate race to Republicans?

  1. Even though I am admirer of R. Nader I voted for him in 2000 and regreted it when Bush won. My advice is vote for someone that has a chance of winning that most closely represents your values.

  2. I appreciate Dennis’ diligence on these matters. But, before we throw the Greens under the bus, let’s wait until all the votes are counted. If it’s really tight after that, I’m sure Ms. Sinema will demand – and get – a recount.

  3. Sinema was declared the winner last night after the mail ballots were counted. The first woman senator in Arizona history, and the first openly bisexual senator in US history.

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