The Class War

For the last several decades neoliberal Democrats and conservative Republicans have greeted proposals to help working families as “class legislation.” Throughout this time a very small part of the population has taken most of the productivity gains, unions have been all but destroyed, and working families have found it increasingly difficult to meet the costs of health care and education. This has been class war- a deliberate war against the working class.

We have come to an acute crisis in this war, when the conservatives have captured the three branches of the Federal government. Conservatives now have the power to destroy or drastically modify many of the social programs that began with the New Deal. We have to fight back, and a major weapon for us is to spread information about the costs to working families of the conservative attacks. In the months ahead Socialist Currents will publish a series of articles
about the right-wing attempts to destroy what is left of the safety net in America under the overall title “The Class War.”

No retreat, no compromise, no surrender!

2 thoughts on “The Class War

  1. A picture is coming together for me that reveals what our government (not the people) really stands for. The saddest part is all the brave men and women who died in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan in order to defend the sleazy 1%’s control and exploitation of the world’s energy resources through the establishment of dictatorships. That we were ever fighting for democratic ideals was just a trick to pull the wool over our eyes. Now I understand why the 1% and their representatives are more than willing to rape and murder our planet, keep us ignorant and uneducated in order to use humanity toward their own ends. We are merely slaves and sacrificial lambs. It is nice to snooze and nap in dreamland, but it is time to wake up or else just sleep until we are dead, and don’t bother to wake up at all. Now I know why Bernie hates Wall Street and Clinton loves them.

  2. If we are to effectively make a stand, we must make a plan, establish priorities, figure out how to diffuse the entrenched power of the neo-liberal Democrats and the conservative Republicans and undermine that infrastructure in creative ways at the source of their supply. Our voting power only works if we come together as a formidable wall. Rebelling with our voting power is ineffective….nobody cares how we feel. Where and when do we draw the line and dig in? Losing our safety net is only the first domino to go down…..all the rest will soon follow. Is there a hero out there to lead us? Who? …..better step up to the plate soon. Bastille Day is the price we will pay for Lady Liberty. Thank you for the everlasting reminder France.

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