One Nation Working Together, 10.2.10

In the wee hours of Saturday morning I readied myself for the long day trip to Washington.  I talked Debbie into giving me a ride downtown because I wasn’t sure if there would be a bus at 5:15 AM on a Saturday.  Fortunately, because it was Saturday, that drive downtown was only 10 minutes.  Close to 180 union members and supporters gathered at the United Steel Workers headquarters building on the Boulevard of the Allies in the chilly, 48° darkness.  Our group was mainly comprised of USW and UWUA members, but there were some college kids there who, I believe, were members of ISO.

After a late start and our bus driver getting mixed up in Washington, we finally arrived at RFK stadium and the largest sea of busses that I’ve ever seen.  Take the picture at the right and multiply it x10 to get a feel for the number of busses in the RFK parking lots.  From Pittsburgh I believe there were 3 USW busses, 3 SEIU busses, and 2 NAACP busses.  Glenn Beck has criticized the One Nation rally, stating that for his rally individuals came at their own expense in their own cars, while for our rally most people came at union expense in union busses.  I didn’t see anything to contradict what he was saying, but isn’t this really the difference between us and the Tea Party?  They believe it’s every man for himself and we believe we’re all in this together. Continue reading