SDUSA Convention 2014

On October 23/24 of this year, Social Democrats USA held its biennial convention in Pittsburgh— more specifically, Carnegie, Pennsylvania.  The first day consisted of internal working meetings of our organization.  But Friday was reserved for a Public Forum. The forum has two sessions, spliced together into a single video. The total duration of the video is 2 hours and 53 minutes. Our thanks to Jordan McMillen at Cut N Run Studios for the video work. And thanks to Hans Gruenert for the use of the Theater.

Session I focuses on political issues; it features:

Dr. Sheri Berman, Professor of Political Science, Barnard College
Dr. Berman is an expert on the development of Social Democracy in Europe; she is also a member of the SDUSA Advisory Council

Herb Engstrom, member of the Executive Committee of the California Democratic Party, and an SDUSA member

Joe Ryan, Adjunct Professor of Political Science at St. Francis College, and an SDUSA member

Session II (starting at 1:40:00) focuses on labor issues; it features:

A video that the SEIU made to publicize the plight of UPMC workers

Ben Brewer, SEUI Asst. Organizing Director of health care workers in Pennsylvania

Jim Staus, former UPMC worker who was fired for engaging in labor organizing

Jeff Ballinger, international labor rights activist, and former SDUSA Executive Director

We will be editing this 3 hour video into smaller pieces to make it a little easier for consumption.  But for now, enjoy. CLICK HERE