The 150 Years War

Each year, after the sun sets on the 14th day of Hebrew month of Nisan, Jews retell the story of the Exodus at an annual family feast. The transition from slavery to freedom, orchestrated by God’s hand, is a great story with universal appeal.  I never grow tired of telling it.  Last week I received in the mail a Passover appeal from the Jewish Labor Committee.  The headline read, “Pharaoh refuses to negotiate; hundreds of thousands of Israelite workers walk of job site.”  While catchy and humorous, it none-the-less reminds us of a simple fact about slavery— it’s all about getting free labor. After all, one group of people doesn’t enslave another because they are lonely and in need of company!  No, they do so to acquire laborers.  The exodus of the Jews from Egypt took place 3500 years ago, but the story is still relevant.

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