The Irresponsible GOP

congress-614Is today the first day of the last days of the GOP?

As you know, last night the GOP members of the House forced a shutdown of the federal government. In doing so, they have not only caused harm to America, they have caused harm to themselves. Some Republicans have enough sense to see this.  Rep. Peter King of NY said he wouldn’t vote in support of a shutdown.  Sen. John McCain has repeatedly told his fellow Republicans in Congress that Obamacare is now the law of the land— deal with it and move on.  Charles Krauthammer, the relentless anti-Obama, has renamed the Tea Party the Suicide Party.  But their voices have not been heard and the majority of Republicans are obviously supporting the shutdown.

The fallout will be substantial, and all bad.  Republican actions will cause further damage to our still fragile American economy.  More people will lose their jobs, not counting the 800,000 federal workers who were furloughed today.  More furloughs mean more people collecting benefits and fewer people paying taxes. Companies doing business with the government won’t get paid.  That impact will in turn trickle down to their employees and suppliers.  Who knows what the end cost will be, but rest assured there will be a cost and the American taxpayer will have to pay it.  Thanks, GOP!

Eventually, this current crisis will come to a conclusion and the government will restart.  At that point, when the GOP brand image is irretrievably in the toilet, some GOP leaders will try to convince you that not all Republicans are irresponsible radicals, grenade throwing anarchists, juvenile delinquents, or sadomasochists.  They will try to convince you that there are some “good” Republicans.  But it will be too late.  The GOP now has a modus operandi— a plan of attack that includes Molotov cocktails, and they plan on repeating it over and over again.  This is not simple political gridlock.  No party has shutdown the government because it didn’t get its way on a piece of legislation.  This is unprecedented.  So, why, why, why is the GOP doing this?  As the number of voters affiliated with the GOP declines each year, they are faced with the prospect of winning fewer and fewer congressional seats.  This was foreseen long back.  That’s why the GOP’s major legislative initiative during the past 3 years has been to change the voting rules in the states.  They’re circling the wagons to protect their weak position.  Today’s government shutdown could be the GOP’s Little Big Horn.  It may be fatal, they know it, and they’ve decided to not die quietly.  They will cause as much damage as they can on their way out.

Today the GOP handed the Democrats a victory.  The Dems should be able to win a majority in Congress next year and for many years to come.  All they have to do is demonstrate that they are the adults in the room. We’ll see.

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Full Employment Conference in New York on October 18th

A major conference on full employment, including a keynote speech by Congressman John Conyers, Jr., the author of H.R. 1000, will be held at Columbia University on Friday, October 18th. Featurng prominent academic and activist speakers, the day-long event commemorates the Economic Bill of Rights proclaimed by President Roosevelt in 1944. The conference will consider how much of FDR’s vision has been accomplished and what remains to be done. Full information can be obtained at

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New York Social Democrats Endorse Mary Giallanza Carney

The New York delegation of the Social Democrats USA has announced its endorsement of the candidacy of attorney Mary Giallanza Carney as judge for the Erie County Family Court. Mrs. Carney graduated from the SUNY Buffalo School of Law in 2000 and since has specialized in family law in which issues of child custody, child support, family offense issues and matrimonial issues are regularly raised. The family court judges regularly have a strong impact on the lives of working class families and Mrs. Carney has regularly represented children before the Erie County Family Court and New York’s Supreme Court.

Mary Giallanza Carney enjoys wide spread support for her candidacy. She has been endorsed by both the Erie County Democratic and Republican Parties. She has also been endorsed by the Independence Party and the New York Working Families Party. The New York delegation of the Social Democrats USA is now proud to announce its endorsement of her as well. She is according to Michael Mottern the leader of the New York SD delegation “experienced, compassionate, and is an independent thinker.” Different from many politicians. she will work to serve the working families of Erie County. For this reason the SD’s New York delegation has decided to endorse Mary Giallanza Carney

Mary Giallanza Carney

Mary Giallanza Carney


SPD reaches 150 years

150 years of SDOne of the world’s oldest political parties is celebrating a milestone this year.  The Social Democratic Party of Germany turns 150.  An exhibition marking the historic event is being held tonight in Washington DC at the German Historical Institute.  See the link here.  I was invited to attend, but unfortunately, schedule conflicts in my own borough prevented me from making the drive to Washington.  I spoke on the phone today with a representative from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and I committed to making a visit in the near future.

Social Democrats USA congratulates the SPD on its milestone.  The entire social democratic movement owes a debt to SPD and their courageous struggles against Monarchs, Nazis, and Communists.  Even today we can see the success of SPD in the fact that the former German Communist Party, now Die Linke, refers to itself as democratic socialists.  The SPD’s unwavering commitment to democracy is something that we all can be proud of.




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1963 Vision of Economic Equality Still Unfulfilled

Under the above headline, the following was published today in the Boston Globe as a Letter to the Editor:

Jack Curtis’ Ideas article on the 1963 March for Jobs and Freedom… was a useful reminder of the economic-equality side of the march and especially of the contributions of A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, his longtime aide. It did not, I think, capture sufficiently one aspect of the unique genius of these two men: although they were both courageous leaders of the black struggle in America, their concern and vision extended to all Americans. While they certainly knew well the scourges of unemployment and poverty among black people, the policies they advocated- full employment and a war against poverty- were meant to raise up all the downtrodden, whatever the color of their skin. Sadly, the vision they gave us of decent living conditions and jobs for all is still unfulfilled.

Eldon R. Clingan

The writer was a participant in the 1963 March for Jobs and Freedom.

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