Various Videos

2014 Public Forum, October 24, Carnegie, PA

Aside from the routine convention business, the 2014 SDUSA Convention included a public program on various topics. The video of that event is linked below in its entirety and runs about 3 hours.
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2017 Public Forum, August 12, Carnegie, PA

This is the video of the public forum held at the 2017 SDUSA convention. It is broken into three segments.

Democracy Movements in Eastern Europe
Veselin Tonev, Bulgarian Social Democrats
Emil Knyazhin, Bulgarian Social Democrats
Zsolt Csiszár, Hungarian Social Democrats

Labor Movement in America
Charles Showalter, The Union Edge talk radio
Nathan Ruggles, The Union Edge talk radio

Social Democracy in America
Lane Kenworthy, author of Social Democratic America
Joe Ryan, Adjunct Professor, St. Francis College, Brooklyn
Eldon Clingan, Massachusetts Progressive Democrats