Membership Matters!

We recognize that the popular fashion within today’s society is to avoid membership in all organizations, especially political ones. However if you believe in the ideas of the SDUSA and hope for the establishment of a far more just society than current day capitalist society, please consider joining the SDUSA. Numbers do matter. The larger a organization’s membership and presence, the more power it has to effect change for justice in this world. Without having this presence and strength even the best of intentions and of ideas will wither and die.

In light of this, the SDUSA National Committee has approved a dues discount for new members. Our normal dues are $40 per year. However, we are offering new members an introductory rate of $10 for the first year. We hope this will be an inducement for you to step up and add your name to our membership roster. You would be helping us a great deal in our work, and we would greatly appreciate it.

Membership matters!

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