Obama’s Libyan Success!

The National Committee of the Social Democrats USA passed its second
resolution regarding the Libyan conflict on September 7, 2011. The resolution
reads as follows:

While great success has been denied President Obama in domestic affairs, he
has achieved some real successes in the realm of foreign policy. In particular
President Obama’s decision to support a NATO intervention to protect the
civilian population of Libya and ultimately to overthrow the Qaddafi regime thus
far has been a success. Not only can President Obama be proud that he have given
decisive military aid to the rebel forces which ultimately overthrew Qaddafi,
but the action was done efficiently and with a minimal
of lose in economic resources and military personnel.

The Obama strategy of “leading from behind” as his opponents have sneeringly called it, has been brilliantly
successful. The “leading from behind” strategy which is really a diplomatic
strategy of enabling with American military power the desire of allies to take
the actions needed to take care of crisis within their own international
neighborhoods. Thus in the Libyan crisis American military support in creating
the no fly zone enabled England and France to ultimately take the leadership in
a NATO campaign to liberate the Libyan people and overthrow the Qaddafi

Of course with the overthrow of Qaddafi, does not necessarily mean that
everything will be fine now in Libya. As opponents of the Libyan intervention
point out, real tribal divisions exit, some of the Libyan rebels are undoubtedly
anti western Islamists in ideology, and Libyans have little real experience in
democratic forms of government. However on the plus side many of the leaders of
the new Libya are western trained intellectuals who seem determined to develop a
real liberal democratic regime within Libya. Furthermore Libya has great oil
wealth and has been receiving real support from the democratic West. Thus it
seems likely that the Libyan revolution will come to a successful conclusion in
the development of a democratic regime in that country.

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