From left to right: Carolyn D. Hoffman, Michael Mottern


By Michael Mottern

It is easy to write off holistic healers as hippies or bleeding hearts, but there is one in Monroe County, New York, in the city of Rochester, who is a particularly compelling.social democratic activist against poverty and police brutality. Her name is Carolyn D Hoffman and she is running for Monroe County Legislator representing the city of Rochester.

I got the opportunity to petition with her in downtown Rochester after being kicked out of a senior center high-rise by a mysterious Grizzly Adams looking person with a white beard threatening to call security if we didn’t leave the building. In Buffalo, my petition experience is a little bit easier to handle considering there are more concerned people, However I learned in Rochester that is not the case. As poor as the city is, it is harder to petition in Rochester because of all the economic disparities and police brutality that is going on and nobody trust the government especially local government considering the police department in Rochester is not staffed by locals nor do the cops care about the neighborhoods they do patrol as a result.

Police brutality has surged in Rochester since the George Floyd uprising. Carolyn is just the person to spearhead real change with a Social Democratic helping hand. A former EMT and a care professional who works with adults and children with disabilities, I’ve seen her tell a homeless man she will be back after petitioning to at least buy him a meal… that’s how much of a caring heart she has!

A holistic healer and a strong activist in the LGBTQ movement, she will be a much-needed queer Social Democratic voice in the Monroe County Government and will provide leadership in getting services provided for marginalized people, including homeless people and individuals with disabilities. That is why Social Democrats USA endorses Carolyn D Hoffman for Monroe County Legislator, Rochester District in the June 22nd Democratic primary.

Michael Mottern is First Vice-Chair of Social Democrats USA

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