SD USA Endorses AARON COLEMAN for Kansas House of Representatives


It is said in politics, “with age comes experience.” But, given the state of affairs in Kansas, with the no-taxation policy at the state level that provides its K-12 education system with zero money, we can say for certain that with Sam Brownback as governor, age does not come with experience at all. The great American socialist Eugene Debs, back in the 1920s, was pretty popular in Kansas. Just read Thomas Frank’s book “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”!

As we consider the horrible failures of the state legislature and gubernatorial office in Kansas, its state of education, and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council),  that Super PAC of corporate lobbyists that has ruined Kansas, an anti-corporate community college student and up-and-coming progressive star would not be a bad choice compared to that face of drudgery, neo-liberal incumbent Stan Frownfelter.

Aaron Coleman is the right guy to shake up the State House in the great state of Kansas. After his independent write-in campaign for governor in 2018 at the age of 17, which got him some coverage in Rolling Stone magazine, he represents the promise of progressive youth in Kansas. Now 19, this exuberant Democratic Committee member, with fire in his belly, could be the worst nightmare for the political establishment. In a state dominated by big money, especially in the banking sector, Aaron, a supporter of Medicare For All and the Green New Deal, would give them hell. That is why Social Democrats USA is proud to endorse Aaron Coleman for the Kansas House of Representatives, District 37, in the August 4th Democratic primary.

9 thoughts on “SD USA Endorses AARON COLEMAN for Kansas House of Representatives

  1. You should know he’s been disavowed by all levels of the state Democratic Party, the KC DSA, Our Revolution and the progressive activist community at large.

  2. The only disavowals reported in the press were from state Democratic officials who are Frownfelter supporters, and it was over some remarks made by Coleman about far-right Republicans who refuse to wear masks during the pandemic. Do you have any links to left-wing disavowals of Coleman?

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  4. SAD NEWS: Aaron Coleman dropped out of the race this morning after a bizarre series of events culminating in his father being admitted to the hospital. I spoke to him yesterday, and he was optimistic about his chances after applauding Joe Biden’s speech at the Democratic convention Friday night. More to follow..

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