At the last National Executive Committee meeting, the SDUSA leadership passed the following resolution by a vote of 4 to 0, with one abstention:

Spinning out of SD USA’s support for the Green New Deal, we adopt the following ten-point plan to deepen our outlook on global warming and climate change:

1) Hunters for Regulation & Environmental Protection is a group dedicated to conservation and protecting the Earth from climate change.  Its Facebook page spotlights progressive hunters and concerned citizens, and it should become a caucus within SD USA. Just as the Red Falcons of America were created by the Young People’s Socialist League as the left alternative to the Boy Scouts during the 20th century, Hunters for Regulation & Environmental Protection is the 21st century left alternative to the National Rifle Association.

2) We adopt and respect gun safety measures to ensure public health, including bans on military grade firearms and assault weapons put forth by Congress and enacted by state legislatures. Traditional firearms such as shotguns and non-military grade rifles are to be reserved for hunting and target shooting only, where local hunting is to be geared for the cultivation of food. 

3) We adopt and respect conservation efforts. The Endangered Species Act is to be strictly enforced. Globally, comparable acts should be enacted and enforced to preserve dying species such as the African elephants, lions, bonobos and gorillas.  Moratoria on whale hunting must be supported. We defend and encourage the anti-poaching efforts undertaken by women warrior units in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

4) Global warming is to be curbed by not investing in factory farming and big agriculture. Nearby rail traffic must be ecologically sound. Ethical farming practices must be encouraged. Small farmers are to be rewarded for helping the environment.

5) We support the formation of a green hunters coalition ranging from conservationists and environmentalists to followers of entertainer and climate activist Willie Nelson and progressive hunters like ex-astronaut Mark Kelly (husband of shooting victim, former Rep. Gabby Giffords), currently a Democratic candidate for the US Senate. 

6) We must respect the rights of indigenous peoples at all times, recalling that land that is being borrowed for the purposes of hunting was once theirs. The National Park Service’s bison hunting program, where penned-in bison are shot without mercy, should be cancelled. In its place, the distribution of extra herds of bison, elk and buffalo to native tribes is to be promoted.  Such distribution would accommodate the tribes’ work in prairie restoration, reviving bison ranching as a major factor in food cultivation and generating sorely-needed revenue for all native American reservations. 

7) We must counter climate change denialism, originating primarily from the Republican Party, that serves to accelerate climate change and its immediate danger to our agriculture, especially in its promotion of factory farms.

8) Few encounter climate change more directly than hunters and fishermen, and their insights must be sought after in this struggle to preserve our environment.  

9) We respect and work to preserve the fragile ecology of Earth – the nature, environment and climate in which we live. We are forever obligated to protect it.

10) We work to create a better tomorrow so that the youth can inherit a world worth living in. We support the kids at March For Our Lives, who are to be saluted as the youth of tomorrow.

We resolve that Social Democrats USA will assist in whatever way it can to promote environmentalism and food justice in a principled manner.


  1. when America adopts the practice of localizing food production vast acres of the prairy will no longer be used for grain production ! Then bison can again take over and provide the food for peoples living there. Don’t let state game dept’s kill them !
    They are idiots using State power to make trouble for native people and though their first mission was to protect wildlife,now they mess up and kill wild critters needlessly ! Local people should control local wildlife for food for all!

    • Monte,
      Some people that I know are subsistence hunters. Like, my in-laws are subsistence hunters all year round, and it’s all done through the State licensing processes which can preserve the species. I never want to over hunt like the way they over hunted East German parks during early days of the Cold War 1950s and 60s. By the 1980s there was nothing left in the Parks. Ever since then, hunting, in Europe is reserved more for the aristocracy. In America local hunting is a more common man’s thing.

      I should know, I’m a licensed hunter in Western New York.
      Michael Mottern first vice chairman Social Democrats USA

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