Michael Mottern’s Report on Trumpers vs. Anti-Trumpers in Bidwell Parkway in Buffalo, N.Y.

On Sunday July 21st, my girlfriend Gina and I, and her mother Carol, decided to confront Trump supporters on one of Frederick Law Olmsted’s last surviving parkways in Buffalo, N.Y.  The rallies consisted of two factions.  The first was an anti-Trump group gathered at Elmwood Ave and Bidwell, consisting of 200 People and a podium, with several speakers including a church singing group from St. John’s Episcopalian Church singing peace hymns protesting children in cages, especially migrants and asylum seekers.

The rally was so good on the anti-Trump side, I even met my old retired psychologist, wow, who will I meet next?   Because the organizer was wary about who could speak at the podium that there were 20 people ahead of me.  Therefore, I didn’t get a chance to speak on behalf of Social Democrats, USA.  I decided to picket on the sidewalk with my girlfriend, hoping to get the passing car’s attention to look at our signs.  My sign said, “Keep the Kids, Deport Trump!”  My girlfriend sign said “In Our America, No Human is Illegal, Etc. Etc.”  As cars passed by, beeping, hissing and supporting Trump, I referred to the caravan as “Mindless grinning bulldogs.”  Another passerby grinned at my sign most awkwardly to which I returned the smile and said, “My Grandmother was a refugee.”

My girlfriend was the lucky one, a family that came in from Clarence, N.Y. admired her sign the most. The wife cried and asked where she could get a sign like that.  We told her that she could get one from the Western New York Peace Center.  After the speeches were done, the anti-Trump protesters decided to trickle over to the pro-Trump rally where some 50 pro-Trump supporters were surrounded by Buffalo Police Officers.  What some anarcho-libertarians would consider a kumbaya, immediately turned into a shoting match where two guys fought over a sign that was held, and was reported by Channel 4 News in Buffalo.

One anti-Trump supporter asked me and my girlfriend and her mother if we were going to lock horns with the other side. I replied, “I already got my dose of Sean Hannity in my twenties.”  A recent psychological journal article pointed out the difference between pro and anti Trump supporters.  The conclusion of the article stated that Trump supporters will never understand logic or facts in politics because they too are driven by emotions and most of all fear, fear of emigrants, fear of minorities.

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