A Modified Look

Notes from the Administrator:

Over the past months you may have noticed some appearance problems at our blog-site. These were caused by software incompatibilities with the widgets. Today I changed WordPress themes in order to fix those problems. Everything other than the look should be the same. All previous blog posts, comments, media, and site contents are retained. If you run into any problems, please let me know.

I came across this pictue that I thought was interesting. It shows our torch logo as it originally appeared. This is a flyer for the Social Democratic Party in Peekskill, New York in 1900. Compare it to our current logo on our home page.

And finally, a reminder that Subscribe and Unsubscribe functions are User-Controlled on our home page in the right hand column.

In solidarity,


3 thoughts on “A Modified Look

      • The theme is called “twenty eleven”. There are thousands of themes to choose from, but if you pick a free one it may not be maintained and eventually will cause problems. So, you have two choices: pay for a theme so that the author will maintain it, or use a standard theme created by WordPress. Themes that are created by WordPress have so many users (literally millions of users) that WordPress makes sure they work properly with WordPress software. It’s the cleanest solution for us. WordPress themes are named for the year they were created: Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, etc. Each one has a different look and style and they all work well. Rick

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