Announcement: The Biannual National Convention of SDUSA will be held from August 11-12 in Carnegie, Pa.

Dear Members & Friends

We are holding our biennial national convention in Carnegie, Pa on August 11-12 at the Off the Wall Theater and Community Center outside Pittsburgh. Call National Chair Patty Friend at 661-245-5252 for more information. We have invited Thomas Frank, author of the book, Listen Liberal or What Ever Happen to the Party of the People to speak on a panel exploring The Future of the Democratic Party and Social Democracy in the United States. Other proposed panels will be on the topics: Reviving the Rustbelt and Other Forgotten Parts of America; The Future of Social Democratic Parties in Europe and the former Eastern Blog; Organizing the Unorganized including a followup report on Organizing Hospital Workers in Pittsburgh

We invite you to come to the convention and summit resolutions to the convention on policies & strategies for the SD. Remember, SDUSA is your political organization. If you want us to have a position on a subject, please do not hesitate to summit a resolution on the issue to the
convention. Any ideas that you may have for the program of the convention and how we may outreach to a wider public would be very welcome.

In Comradeship

David A. Hacker
National Secretary & 2nd Vice Chair

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