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hillary-clintonNext week it will have been one year since SDUSA endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. A lot has happened in the intervening 12 months. Bernie went from zero name recognition to being a real threat to the status quo within the Democratic Party. Although he had never run as a Democrat, the 75 years old Sanders captured 43% of the Democratic vote nationwide. And whether we cry foul over DNC partisanship or the inconsistencies in state primary vote tallies, the reality is that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. At the convention, realizing that Hillary wanted his endorsement, Bernie was able to negotiate platform planks that his constituency demanded. Those included: $15 minimum wage, a public option for the ACA, a “21st Century Glass-Steagall Act” to reform Wall Street, paid family leave, elimination of private prisons, expansion of Social Security, and end of the death penalty. After the negotiation of the platform, which Sanders called the “most progressive” in Democratic Party history, he gave his endorsement to Clinton. And we should do the same.

I understand that disgruntled Berniecrats may wish to vote for Jill Stein or even Gary Johnson. But in the words of Bernie himself, “This is no time for a protest vote”. While the presidential campaign may resemble a tv reality show like America’s Got Talent, the hard work of winning a campaign means assembling a coalition of various, sometimes divergent, constituencies. In his 1965 essay From Protest to Politics, former SDUSA Chair Bayard Rustin wrote, “We need allies. The future of the Negro struggle depends on whether the contradictions of this society can be resolved by a coalition of progressive forces which becomes the effective political majority in the United States. I speak of the coalition which staged the March on Washington, passed the Civil Rights Act, and laid the basis for the Johnson landslide—Negroes, trade unionists, liberals, and religious groups”. As an SDUSA member, you must work to build a progressive coalition that becomes the MAJORITY in electoral politics. Otherwise, you’re just a protester.

The National Committee of SDUSA endorses Hillary Clinton for president. We also ask that you vote for a Democratic majority in the House and Senate. And we further ask that you support Democratic candidates down ticket at the state and local level. Building a coalition starts in your neighborhood. But it does not stop there. After we elect Hillary Clinton, we must hold the Democratic Party to its new platform. Electoral action is work, and that work never ends.

12 thoughts on “We’re with Her

  1. .. I totally agree.. I’ve been a Socialist for over fifty years now, and supported Bernie with all my energies – but have always said I’ll give Clinton my vote if it’s the pragmatic thing to do.. .. Trump has made any other choice just pissin’ in the wind.. a childish and ill-considered act of defiance..
    .. Ive waited fifty years to vote for a Socialist POTUS, guess I’ll have to wait some more…

  2. Here is my plan. I am going to vote for Hillary. Then, I am going to support Bernie and Elizabeth Warren in holding her lying feet to the leftist fire. If, my plan fails, I will make popcorn, and watch the clown show, as Trump disintegrates.

  3. went to public school and high school in Brooklyn with bernie ran track together i hoped i would see the first Jewish Socialist president and a Brooklyn Dodger fan at that

  4. I know I’m in a minority here, but I am glad to support her and have from the start. And I’m relieved to see the SDUSA formally support her as well.

  5. I’ve been ready to vote for Hillary since Bill was elected. I have never fallen for any of the garbage thrown at her. She began decades ago to work for those at the bottom and I think she’s been waiting for this chance to finish what she started at the highest level. With all her experience she is far more qualified than any other of this year’s candidates, and far more than many candidates we’ve elected in the past.

  6. I am fairly new to the socialist world having thought (mistakenly) that socialism was a relic of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One area I always thought socialism never adequately addressed was how to grow wealth equitably for the whole of society to raise living standards for everyone. I recently went to a worker cooperative convention and the light bulb went off. That idea really needs to be out there and promoted more along with worker owned and operated companies! Having said that, I am a reluctant Hillary supporter as I would have preferred Bernie Sanders. I live in Texas and yes, there are a few of us progressives, but the far right gets all the press (our state leaders seem to have a passion for wasting taxpayer money on holding back the clock of social change). I would like to see a progressive movement around the state to retire these yahoos and send them packing. That is my hope beyond the immediate Presidential election.

  7. Socialists and Social Democrats do not endorse Neo-liberal candidates, especially ones such as Hillary Clinton who is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  8. Most of us who will be voting third party are not doing so in “protest.” We do so because we believe the person we will be voting for is the best candidate running.

  9. It seems to me a most relevant issue in terms of determining the reality of who a candidate really is and what they stand for is embodied in the issue of The New World Order, and where Social Democrats stand in that regard. It is my understanding that any candidate who accepts “payoffs” from corporations and “big money” interests advocates the centralization of power in the world, which is hardly democratic. This not only makes Social Democrats suspect, but also puts Hillary out of the running. Frankly, as is now obvious, a big mistake on the part of the Social Democratic movement was in its failure to stand behind Bernie and the financially-independent grassroots movement from the very beginning. Now, we see the price we have paid for your cowardly compromise. From this, I have come to understand that neither Bernie Sanders nor I can be classified as Social Democrats until you make make clear where you stand relative to the New World Order as part of your mission statement. Bernie Sanders embodies a grass-roots movement. Hillary embodies the New World Order..as does Obama, the Bushes, Bill Clinton….all bought and paid for by The New World Order.

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