Suspicious Humanist- Spring 2015

Steve Weiner is a member of SDUSA’s National Committee. He lives in Medford, Oregon. For 45 years Steve has been publishing his thoughts in a paper he calls the Suspicious Humanist. Like many of you, I get barraged by reading material from many political, cultural, and news media organizations. Yet, I always make time to read the Suspicious Humanist. The writing is thoughtful and enlightening. Steve never focuses on just one subject, and each item is an easy read, short and pithy. He uniquely weaves a story of politics, literature, psychology, religion, and ethics. He will insert an unrelated vignette here and there. It never fails that the 10 minutes I spend are very well worth it.  I have attached the most recent copy HERE.

One thought on “Suspicious Humanist- Spring 2015

  1. It is imperative that the center-left, the community that supports economic and social justice, single-payer health insurance for all, unions, immigration reform, a mixed economy, a well-regulated state that fights to ensure a government counter-weight to corporate and Wall Street manipulations and banking imperialism, also equally and vocally supports democratic Israel and liberal Zionism.

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