Working Families Party Endorses Warren for 2016

The Advisory Council of the New York Working Families Party has voted to endorse Elizabeth
Warren as a presidential candidate for 2016. While as an independent party, the WFP cannot participate directly in the Democratic Party primary, it is likely that its endorsement would have an impact on progressive Democrats who do vote in the DP primary. In making the endorsement, the Working Families Party joined such organizations as and Democracy for America in a “draft Warren” effort. A spokesperson for Senator Warren repeated previous denials that she is running.

Bill Lipton, the state director of the party, was quoted by The New York Times as saying, “The only thing better than watching Elizabeth Warren take Wall Street to task from the Senate would be helping her bring our issues to the center of the national debate.” Other WFP leaders were more cautious and insisted that it was not a move against Hilary Clinton. Ed Ott, former head of the New York City Central Labor Council, said, “What the Warren vote reflects is that people want a Democratic Party with spine.”

The Working Families Party is a coalition of labor unions, progressive activists and community advocacy groups. It was prominent in supporting Mayor Bill deBlasio in the New York City election two years ago. Generally the WFP is in coalition with the Democrats and, because of New York’s unusual law permitting fusion voting, the votes for a candidate with multiple party nominations can be counted together.

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