SDUSA to be at NetRoots Nation

At its convention last October Social Democrats USA determined that the transformation of the Democratic Party into a genuinely progressive- social democratic party was its major political objective. Now SDUSA has taken a giant step toward building the alliances with other progressive groups that can lead to the kind of Democratic Party that it advocates: the National Committee determined to commit a substantial part of the organization’s resources to participation in NetRoots Nation, a national gathering of progressive activists to be held in Phoenix in July. It is expected that SDUSA will be able to present its principles and agenda to more that 3,000 people who form much of the progressive leadership of the nation.

In taking this action, the National Committee recognized that the next two years will present important opportunities for the progressive movement. There is widespread enthusiasm for a possible Presidential candidate of the democratic Left, such as Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. The issues that they and others have raised have sparked a discussion that is already defining the contours of a broad progressive platform. Now is the time for the myriad of progressive groups to come together in a mighty movement to reverse the Republican- corporate Democrat policies of the last thirty years. SDUSA hopes that this will begin at NetRoots Nation.

Given the always uncertain financial health of SDUSA, this was not an easy decision. However, the National Committee is confident that a good member education program will not be affected adversely by the cost of exhibiting at NewRoots Nation. If you want to help,
why not join us and/or make a contribution? You can use the SDUSA tab on this site.

2 thoughts on “SDUSA to be at NetRoots Nation

  1. The SDUSA’s participation in the NetRoots Nation event is great, but my concern with your organization is that it seems to be more like a private discussion club rather than a movement to educate and organize the masses –starting with the sympathizers- in order to reach its goals.

    My views are more aligned to SDUSA’s but what I am looking for is not a discussion group. Unless I am persuaded otherwise, when it comes to getting active I think I will look at the Democratic Socialist of America or even the Green Party.

    Please correct me if I am wrong in my assessment of the SDUSA.

  2. Since I have resigned membership in SDUSA, perhaps I not the best person to reply to your point. Nevertheless, I will try. All organizations on the democratic left see their major tasks as agitation, education and organization of “the masses,” whatever that term may mean. Personally, I tend to speak of the voters or the people. The specific strategies and tactics employed will depend on the resources of the particular group, its principles and its evaluation of the political context in which it finds itself. Participation in the NetRoots conference is simply a tactical way to gain contact with other progressive organizations. It is a small step in what you might call “the organization of the masses” but such development consists of a myriad of small steps. You may differ about whether participation in NetRoots is a useful or practical measure at this time, but no issue of principle is involved.

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