Is Mitt Our Man for 2016?

” Under President Obama the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse, and there are more people in poverty in America than ever before.” So said Mitt Romney at the meeting of the Republican National Committee in San Diego. With such an accurate diagnosis of our national condition, should SDUSA be thinking of endorsing him for 2016?

Just kidding, of course. We know that, having validated the social democratic view of what’s wrong (sounds as if he has been reading Socialist Currents), Dr. Romney will prescribe the same old snake oil that Republicans and corporate Democrats have been dishing out for thirty years: lower taxes for the rich, low minimum wages for the poor, high unemployment rates, union-busting, trade pacts that destroy jobs, ad nauseum. That patent medicine has created the conditions that Mitt decries, and a higher dose will only make things worse.

3 thoughts on “Is Mitt Our Man for 2016?

  1. Personally, I have always liked the Romney family. They have a legacy of moderate Republicanism dating back to his father’s terms as Governor of Michigan and his bitter opposition to Barry Goldwater in 1964, his opposition to the Vietnam War, and his ardent support for Civil Rights. Granted Mitt ran to the right in 2012 which was a huge mistake. Often Mitt talks about his wife knowing his heart and he told about helping the poor and disadvantaged as a private citizen and pastor. In his heart Romney is a moderate and a caring individual. His term as Governor of MA was that of a moderate Republican. Yes, I am a member of the Social Democrats, USA, but I have always also considered myself a Liberal Republican in the tradition of the Progressive era of Teddy Roosevelt, “Fighting” Bob Lafollette, et. al. The GOP needs to move back to its true roots and create a situation that will cause the Tea Party to leave the GOP. Romney may be the one who can make that happen.

  2. I get that, Liam, but who other than maybe Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, are not members of the plutocracy of those who may run?

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