Weiss Withdraws, Warren Wins

Senator Elizabeth Warren put another scalp on her belt yesterday as it became known that Antonio Weiss, a long-time Lazard executive, had asked the President not to re-submit his name for a high Treasury Department post. Warren, who is being urged by some progressive groups to run for the Presidency, has been leading a fight to curtail the practice of a revolving door between government jobs and Wall Street. Last month she led the fight against a Citigroup-written clause in the spending bill and called attention to the number of former Citigroup executives who have moved in and out of the Obama and earlier administrations. Last summer she was part of the effort to prevent the nomination of Lawrence Summers, a leading corporate Democrat, for Federal Reserve Chairman.

Presidential candidate or not, Warren is playing a critical role in the development of a resurgent progressive wing of the Democratic Party. With her gutsy,”take no prisoners” attitude, she is giving leadership to the activist progressive-social democratic heart of the Party, and she is also setting out a comprehensive economic program for alleviating poverty and rebuilding the middle class, as she did at the AFL-CIO Wages Summit last week. In the months ahead, Warren may give us the answer to the question “Where is Harry Truman
when we need him?”

2 thoughts on “Weiss Withdraws, Warren Wins

  1. Now that there are 2.5 (the 0.5 being Mr. Chaffee) progressive alternatives to Hillary, looking wistfully at the possibility of a Warren candidacy, the division of progressive votes among, ok, three, maybe more candidates, will only be helpful to Mrs. Clinton. It is to be hoped that the ensuing debate among progressives will lead to a consolidation behind an obvious leader.

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