Your Chance to Support a Progressive Israel

Social Democrats USA is a proud, if critical, supporter of the State of Israel. We also believe strongly in the right of Palestinian Arabs to have their own state. Jewish members who support these principles have an opportunity to give practical effect to their views by voting for Hatikvah, the Progressive Zionist slate, in the election for the World Zionist Congress. The election begins on Tuesday, January 13th, and you can get full details at

The Hatikvah slate is a coalition of Ameinu (Labor Zionist), Partners for Progressive Israel, Habonim Dror and Hashomer Hatzair, which many of us in SDUSA consider fraternal organizations. Among the prominent delegate candidates on the Hatikvah slate are Theodore
Bikel, the actor-folksinger, Debra DeLee, the CEO of Americans for Peace Now, and Randi Weingarten, the President of the American Federation of Teachers.

One thought on “Your Chance to Support a Progressive Israel

  1. This position is sound, rational, reasonable, practical and objective. I truly appreciate the SDUSA as it seems to me to be combination of the Progressive Republicans of Theodore Roosevelt, Robert Lafollette, and Hiram Johnson and the Democratic Party of John Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Scoop Jackson. Am very proud and honored to be a member.

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