The Revolt Goes On!

The revolt of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party against the corporate Democrats and for a candidate who stands for the party’s principles got a boost yesterday from Democracy for America. DFA, which claims a million members, announced that 87.6 per cent of the participants in a recent membership poll had supported a proposal to draft Senator Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic presidential nomination. The organization also announced that it had allocated an immediate $250,000 for a draft Warren effort and that it had dispatched a staff member to Iowa to start laying the ground work for a campaign.

An interesting aspect of the DFA endorsement is that the organization was the original base of Howard Dean, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Elizabeth Warren, who last week led the fight against a Citigroup rider on the spending bill and who has fought the nomination of a Lazard executive to a senior Treasury position, has now taken on the White House over the Trans-Pacific trade pact. She expressed concern that the pact will hinder the ability of the United States to regulate its financial institutions. She continues to say that she is not a candidate for president, but the hopeful left is parsing her words and observing that she is only using the present tense!

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