Where’s Hillary?

With the Senate vote and Senator Warren’s great speech Saturday night (available via the SDUSA Facebook page), several astute observers, including our own Chairman, have remarked on the dead silence coming from Senator Hillary Clinton. While it certainly is bad political tactics to think that every event deserves comment, we might think that such a “line in sand” confrontation in the Democratic Party would call for some observations from the Party’s front-runner for the presidential nomination.

Senator Clinton’s silence is especially remarkable because Elizabeth Warren’s speech was directed not only against the current administration’s close, not to say incestuous, relationship with Citigroup but also against the similar relationship that the previous Democratic administration had with the same institution. That administration, of course, was led by Senator Clinton’s husband, and it was one in which she played a major, if unofficial, role. Given the usual ferocious Clinton response to criticism, a reaction could have been expected.

Some have speculated that Hillary Clinton has made no comment because she thinks the spending bill was a good deal on the whole and that she expects to make similar deals with
the Republicans if she is elected to the presidency. If those commentators are right, it makes urgent the need to strengthen and carry forward the incipient progressive revolt.

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