Rumblings on the Democratic Left?

A strong challenge may be building in the Democratic Party to the corporate interests that have dominated the Party during the Clinton and Obama administrations. has polled its membership regarding a Presidential run by Senator Elizabeth Warren, and, not too surprisingly, a large majority was enthusiastic about such run. On a more practical level, Senator Warren is sharpening her opposition to the White House nomination of a Lazard Freres partner to a high position in the Treasury Department, pointing out that it is a conspicuous example of the revolving door between Wall Street and government. In the meantime, Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders is casting loving eyes on Iowa’s Democrats and has issued a sharp-edged statement that could serve as a national platform.

All such movements toward a left revolt in the Party are positive and should be welcomed by Social Democrats. At our recent convention, we determined to work toward a social democratic platform for the Democratic Party in 2016. As important as such work is, the nature of our national political process is that a flesh and blood candidate is the best communicator of programs. In Senators Warren and Sanders we have articulate, principled
prospective candidates who understand the real problems of the American people.

At the least, a left candidacy would force Senator Hillary Clinton to forsake the mush-mouthed rhetoric that she would otherwise favor and that brought defeat to so many Democratic candidates in the last election.

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