Green Initiative in Pittsburgh

Connelley Technical Institute Goes GREEN!

Under the ownership of Pittsburgh Green Innovators, Inc. (PGI), the 80-year-old former Connelley Technical Institute will become a green technology demonstration showcase that will continue to put Pittsburgh in the forefront of green-economy jobs – the $8 million in RACP funding announced this past week will be matched with another $8 million in private funds.

PGI is a collaboration of representatives from universities, labor unions, the Green Building Alliance, Hill House and a dozen other entities – it has raised $17 million from public and private donations toward an estimated $16.5 million for first-phase renovations. The entire project is expected to cost $40 million.

Earlier this year, PA’s Green Jobs Report found the Pittsburgh region to already be home to a large number of green companies. The Commonwealth’s investment of $10 billion in public and private funds, over the next three years, is expected to generate 115,000 green-industry jobs in the Commonwealth.

Green Trivia…  Did you know that Pittsburgh’s Convention Center is the first certified green convention center in the country? It is also the largest certified green building in the world. The 1.5 million square foot building opened in September of 2003 and was named after David L. Lawrence, who served as the Mayor of Pittsburgh from 1946-1959.

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