Mass Dem Candidate Endorses Full Employment at MSD Urging

The camapign by Massachusetts Social Democrats to secure Congressional support for H.R. 1000, the Conyers full employment bill, got a major boost on August 9th when State Representative Carl Sciortino, Jr., pledged his support for the bill. In answer to a letter asking him to become a co-sponsor of H.R. 1000, if elected, Mr. Sciortino made an emphatic statement: “… I would be proud to co-sponsor H.R. 1000 along with Rep. Jim McGovern if elected to Congress… I believe this bill is sound and just policy to level the playing field and create an economy that works for all Americans by investing in our communities and our citizens.”

Representative Sciortino has an outstanding progressive record in the legislature and is considered to have an excellent chance to win the Democratic nomination for the 5th District Congressional seat vacated by now-Senator Edward Markey.

MSD has also called on some 20 progressive organizations that belong to Mass Alliance, a coalition, to include support for full employment and the Conyers bill as criteria for candidates in their endorsement processes. MSD followed up this request by sending the Sciortino statement of support and asking that other candidates for the Democratic nomination make a similar commitment.



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