Syria is not Iraq

While the Social Democrats USA does not have a position regarding the quality of the Obama Administration’s performance  in regard to ongoing war in Syria, I do. I believe that the administration’s commitment not to intervene under any circumstances is morally bankrupted.

Enclosed is a link to “Syria Is Not Iraq” an article published in the Atlantic Magazine by Shadi Hamid, the director of research,  for the Brookings Institute Doha Center. The article explains extremely well some of the reasons why I believe what I do about this subject.

“Syria is Not Iraq”  link –


Glenn King

4 thoughts on “Syria is not Iraq

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  3. Wow, what a surprise! The Social Democrats call for invading other countries selectively under the bogus banners of “human rights” and “democracy”.

    Aside from any philosophic disagreements we may have on this, US intelligence has been arming and training rebel groups for a year or so, as has been documented many places and admitted by the government. Beyond that, Hagel and Kerry have openly called for assistance to the rebels, even if none has yet been formally approved by Congress.

    So, I am not sure whence you get the idea that the administration won’t support your Al-Qa’ida terrorist friends to overthrow the last Arab-socialist state. Oh, it’s not true socialism? Yes, sure, but the State owns the commanding heights of the economy, whereas you back candidates who are owned by private, global banks.

  4. Robespierre, in response to your statements, the current Social Democrats USA has not called for the invasion of any nation including Syria. We have passed a resolution that the US government should support the Syrian opposition by providing it with both military aid and training. You and some others have repeatedly made the statement that the United States has in fact already been training and arming the Syrina opposition to the Assad regime. Apparently neither the rebels or most of the commentators who I have read know about this. What are your sources? The the only aid that the United States has given to the Syrian opposition forces has been in the form of either humanitarian aid and communication equipment.

    Further responses. So Robespierre you believe that both democracy and human rights are bogus terms? I have to differ. You state that the SDUSA is friends to Al Qaeda? That is interesting. When the United States had troops in Iraq, if my facts are correct persons such as yourself and the little Marxist Leninist sects were calling for the defeat of so called “US imperialism” by groups such as Al Qaeda. The Social Democrats USA is very supportive of Israel. Isn’t that a contradiction that we would support Al Qaeda an avowed enemy of Israel’s right to exist? Why would we do that? Syria is a socialist country? Since when is socialism about dictatorship and slaughtering the people of ones own country?


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