On the Proposed Social Security Change

President Obama has proposed in his budget message to Congress is going to propose a shift to the use of “chained” CPI from the cost of living index now used to calculate Social Security benefits.
Such a change would be, in fact, a reduction in the benefits received by current and future beneficiaries of the Social Security system, and Social Democrats USA strongly opposes it. We urge all members of the labor and progressive communities to join us in resisting the President’s proposal and to express their strong opposition to the President and to the Congress. Strengthen Social Security, a coalition of over 300 organizations, is sponsoring an electronic petition on its web site, and opponents of the proposal may wish to sign that petition.
The irony of this cut in Social Security benefits is that it will have no effect on the deficit controversy because Social Security is not funded from the Federal budget. Rather, it a clear effort by the President to signal his willingness to slash “entitlements” to reach a “grand bargain” with conservative Republicans. It should be evident by now that these Republicans are not interested in bipartisan agreements for good government but are determined to take every opportunity to strike at an already inadequate “welfare state.” It ill behooves the present leader of the party of Franklin Roosevelt to lend any support or credence to any efforts to damage one of President Roosevelt’s finest legacy

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