More Writers?

Socialist Currents has over a hundred subscribers and the number of its subscribers keeps growing. Unfortunately only two people are writing here. We need more writers in order to forward the issues and concerns of the American Social Democratic movement. In order to do this we would like to offer the readers of this blog the opportunity to submit articles and posts to Socialist Currents.

Of course such posts  would have to meet certain standards. Articles submitted should be in accord with rules of good grammar, spelling, punctuation, and hopefully be well written. They should not of course consist in open attacks on the SDUSA and its policies, though constructive criticisms of SD positions and suggestions would be welcome. There is a broad diversity of views in the SDUSA. Therefore, a broad range of issues in areas of culture, environment, foreign, and economic policy, etc  can be discussed constructively within this blog. Hopefully these articles could then ultimately lead to effective political activity by the membership of this organization.

Readers, who are interested in sharing their writings on this blog, should contact myself  or  National Chair Rick D’loss about this possibility. This is one way that persons who support Social Democracy in this nation can  make a serious contribution to its future.

Glenn King

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