The SDUSA endorses Obama

The Social Democrats USA endorsed the Obama / Biden Democratic Party at its August 27, 2012 National Convention. While this endorsement of the Democratic Party national ticket by the SDUSA will be hardly have a major impact on the out come of the November election we do want to give testimony of SD views on this subject.

While many within the SDUSA and within the broader left believe that President Obama has made errors during his presidency and may not have been as strong a fighter for many of their values as the they would have liked. The fact is there are very good reasons for supporting the Obama / Biden ticket and for preferring a victory of the Democratic Party over the Romney / Ryan / Republican Party ticket.

The choice is simple. The Obama, Biden and the DP ticket in general represents capitalism with a human face. It represents a more or less social democratic capitalism which at least provides for some of the human needs of workers, women, minorities, the poor, the elderly, woman, etc. The Democrats at least seem to live in a real world and recognize the findings of science on issues such as climate change and evolution. Thus they wish to deal with these issues. The Democratic Party  to some degree at least represents as much justice for the poor, the American labor movement, and the middle class as the constraints of capitalism can allow. It supports the traditional American programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Federal Food Stamp program and other programs which ensure some support for the aged, poor, disabled, and the middle / working class as well. In fact while it is not perfect ObamaCare will significantly expand affordable medical care for millions of Americans.

The Obama presidency and the Democratic Party are at least attempting to insure a measure of sanity in economic policy by supporting the traditional American idea of political compromise by arguing that budget deficits are generally to be dealt with by a balanced approach of both spending cuts and tax increases. This is an idea that the Republican Party used to accept but no longer. Thus America’s over all economic health is safer in Democratic Party hands than in that of the Republicans.

In contrast The Republican Party of Romney and particular of Paul Ryan has increasingly become a party of radical change in the direction of the unregulated exploitative capitalism which brought about a near world wide economic collapse in 2008. It is a party which increasingly is unwilling to face reality. It increasingly is led by fixed ideas of an almost theological nature which have little relationship to the needs of the nation. Thus old Republican Party concerns such as its belief in the need to balance US federal budgets even if some tax increases are needed (witness the Reagan administration) are now routinely rejected. Any compromise with the Democratic Party in now demonized by the Republicans. Thus many in the party seriously considered allowing the US government to default on its debt, and thus court a world economic collapse last year rather than make any compromise with the Democrats. Therefore many rational Republicans such as Senator Olympia Snow of Maine no longer feel at home in the party.

During the recent debate between Mr. Romney and President Obama, Mr. Romney was able to recycle the old more rational governor of Massachusetts for as few hours in order to confuse the clear differences between the candidates. However people should not be confused. The Mitt Romney of last Wednesday’s presidential debate was not the real Romney who has been systematically subordinating himself to the most extreme of Tea Party dogmas during recent years. Any appearance of reason and equity that  Romney gave is clearly a false image. There can be no doubt that given the nature of the current dogmatic Republican Party, the election of Mitt Romney would be a victory of barbarism over civilization in this nation. Conversely the re-election of President Obama will be a victory of the forces of civilization over barbarism. So the choice in November will be simple. The Social Democrats USA chooses to support civilization.

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