National Convention

In a couple hours we will convene the 2012 National Convention of Social Democrats USA in Buffalo, NY. We note that while Republicans convene in Florida, the SD convenes in America’s industrial heartland, where the middle class was created. It is here that union jobs paid a wage that could feed a family. By convening here we pay homage to the bricks and mortar that are the foundation of our great nation.

It has taken a lot of work to get us to this point, and I thank our National Committee for their efforts. Especially, we thank Michael Mottern, our committee member here in Buffalo for making all the arrangements. His boundless energy is a blessing and his resolve in advancing social democracy in America is remarkable. (you will recall that Michael spent the Buffalo winter in a tent in Occupy Buffalo)

We have several speakers this morning. Richard Lipsitz, President of the Western NY AFL-CIO will speak on the continuing role of Labor in political campaigns. And David Hacker will speak about the history of Socialists in Western NY, especially Max Shachtman.

In the afternoon we will get to the “business” of the convention, charting the course of the SD for the next two years. As the Republicans spiral out into fringe lunacy, we anticipate renewed interest in social democracy in America and we intend to be part of that.

4 thoughts on “National Convention

    • Ralph,
      When I arrived in Buffalo on Sunday, the first thing I said to David was, “did you see Ralph’s blog entry on Max”? Great piece!

    • Bernadette, the convention went real well. We had some technical difficulties that I’ll tell you about when I get home to Pittsburgh, but we accomplished a lot. We had great guest speakers and we got a lot of organizational business done as well. Also, I got yelled at for not having the draft of the Hacker Manifesto ready!

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