Interview with the Social Democrats USA

Earlier this year I was asked by Chairman Rick D’loss to contact Roland Dodds, publisher of the blog “But I am a Liberal: Words From A Wandering Internationalist” so that he could conducted an interview with me regarding the current Social Democrats USA. The following links are to the two parts of the interview that we did in March of this year. Of course I am aware that no one can summarize the nature of any organization particularly one such as the SDUSA with out ones own personal point of view from intruding. However I did attempt to be as objective as possible during the interview.

The link to Part 1 of  the interview is The link to part two is

Glenn King

5 thoughts on “Interview with the Social Democrats USA

  1. I like the article I acknowledge that I am also…a,liberal. A guy who is against war for people for equality, and in a socialist, fair, democratic, …and non-violent way.

  2. Very good interview. Just wish more people would read it and see that all socialists are not Marxist-Leninist radicals. This article might make people look more seriously at socialism as an alternative to capitalism.

  3. Party’s philosophy is largely good but I feel that party should try to unite the other liberals existing in the US to emerge as a third force. It could be a party with difference but it has to cooperate with democrats in the larger National interest. Unfortunately, the label liberal in the USA is viewed with the raised eyebrows although it is a word which is the most positive in its explanation since it is diametrically opposite to conservatism. Party could try to reign in little centrist view point which is more in line with the term LIBERAL.

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