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Addiction is not a Crime

April 23, 2018

As Schumer and Sanders promote federal legislation legalizing marijuana, the newsletter from the Eugene V. Debs Foundation appeared in my mailbox. One item in the newsletter included Debs thoughts on addiction based on his observations when he himself was in prison. It reminds us that drug addiction is not new, nor is the debate about […]

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Fascism’s new day in America

November 11, 2016

Good morning, To my fellow veterans: On this Veterans Day I thank you, brothers and sisters, for your devotion to our country. To my fellow Marines: happy birthday! To my fellow social democrats: our failure this week is an opportunity for us to gather our strength and resolve, and set a course for the next […]

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We’re with Her

October 7, 2016

Next week it will have been one year since SDUSA endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. A lot has happened in the intervening 12 months. Bernie went from zero name recognition to being a real threat to the status quo within the Democratic Party. Although he had never run as a Democrat, the 75 years old […]

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SDUSA and the Democratic Convention

August 12, 2016

No SDUSA members attended the Democratic National Convention as delegates, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t present. SDUSA was represented among the thousands who gathered at FDR Park in Philadelphia to mount various rallies and protests. Our Vice Chair Michael Mottern (in the photo, on the left) tells me about the experience. Rick: It sounds like […]

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Sanders’ Revolution

July 18, 2016

Bernie has been saying that he wants to start a grass roots political revolution. Most of his followers aren’t listening. Our cult of celebrity culture makes it appear that there is only one election in America— the presidency. Thousands came out to see Bernie at rallies all over the country; like a rock star. And […]

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